The Missouri State Guard are the citizens of Missouri,
                 we are an all Volunteer unit dedicated to assist , 
our local communities and the Citizens of Missouri in
times of disaster either Man Made or Natural .
You need not have been in the Military to be part of the
State Guard you just have to be willing to help the community.
Age or Disability does not disqualify anyone
there is always a job to be done .
We have been trained and qualified and Members in .
We are qualified and Certified as a
L.ocal E.mergency R.esponse T.eam
SAR ( Search and Rescue )
          C.E.R.T. ( Community Emergency
Response Team )
Red Cross ( First Aid / CPR
AED / Disaster Relief /
        and Mental Health First Aid
in times of disaster )
Red Cross
( Disaster Action Team )
       NRA ( National Rifle Association )
NRA Recruiter
                   Oath Keepers . ( The ten Orders we will
not Obey )
              We are Incorporated and a 501(c)(3)
                        Non for profit organization State of Missouri
We are Head Quarters of
             SGCMS ( State Guard Corporation
Missouri State )
We are Members of SGAUS
( State Guard Association
of the United States )
         We have been trained by an NRA
   Instructor on Weapon safety .
         We have been trained in Survival
              techniques in any type of situation ,
  and how to live off the land .
              We have a Certificate of appreciation
from the American Legion .
   We have a Merit Citation from
   Department of Public Service .
            We have a Certificate of Nomination
from the American Legion .
         We are Members of Gateway Civil
              Liberties Alliance . 
        Member of Front Line Defenders
We are qualified and will meet any Disaster
Man made or Natural :
  We firmly believe that all Citizens have the rights of our Founding
  Fathers and we have a firm believe in the Constitution and hold
  truth to its contents , as ORIGINALLY INTENDED . we will stand firm in
  the protection of our ,
  GOD given rights of life , liberty and the pursuit of Happiness .
  Being an all Volunteer Unit we depend on Donations
 we have to purchase all of our own equipment.
  If you would like to give so we can purchase new
 equipment you can give below or send your
 donations to .
 Missouri State Guard
 P.O. Box 357
 Arnold , Mo. 63010
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